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Dispenser Features                                                                                       

  • Automatic dispense wine. Being isolated by Argon or nitrogen air, fresh way of any election.
  • Powerful refrigeration; cooling temperature is adjustable as you like(7°C~18°C)
  • Nitrogen preservation of red wine for 30 days comparing the general preservation of red wine preservation for 5days.
  • Free discharge, fixed discharge 20ml, 40ml, 60ml, 80ml, fixed discharge 5~99ml.
  • Tubes which guide the wine are easy to change, and provide optimum hygiene conditions;
  • Vacuum double-deck glass door, High energy efficiency.

Technical Parameter                                                                                          

    Rated Voltage 220v/50Hz   110v/60Hz

    Refrigerant 134a

    Cooling Power 85w

    Refrigeration Temp. 7°C - 18°C

    Preservation Time Nitrogen within 30 days

    Temperature Range 5°C - 23°C

    Product Size (mm) 833*503*668

    Packing Size (mm) 895*560*700

    Net Weight (kg) 54.8

    Gross Weight (kg) 58.4