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Why Customization                                                             

  • One of Vinodispenser’s greatest attribute is matching a customer’s dispensing needs and function variation to create your dream wine dispenser. 
  • Bar dealer, hotel user, restaurant businessman, wine cellar designer and other groups may have different requirements for wine preservation products. 
  • In order to enhance their wine sales and communicate to these clients, Vinokeeper support customization to enhance their needs respectively. 
  • Its classic design and advanced features set Vinokeeper apart from similar commercial wine dispensers on the market.

Technical Parameter                                                              

    Rated Voltage 220v/50Hz   110v/60Hz

    Refrigerant 134a

    Cooling Power 85w

    Refrigeration Temp. 7°C - 18°C

    Preservation Time Nitrogen within 30 days

    Temperature Range 5°C - 23°C

    Product Size (mm) Flexible

    Packing Size (mm) Flexible

    Net Weight (kg) Flexible

    Gross Weight (kg) Flexible

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