about us 

Vinokeeper, an international subsidiary of WINE-KEEP FACTORY, is a professional manufacture mainly focused on wine taste preservation products. With more than 15 years’experience and expertise, Vinokeeper has established as one of Chinese largest and independent specialist in wine dispensing & preservation industry. 

From our business philosophy, wine dispenser is not only a luxury design piece but also an anti-oxidization wine accessory that redefines the way you enjoy different kinds of wines with confirmed high quality. 

At Vinokeeper, you'll find our specialized selection of wine dispenser second to none. We specialize in all aspects of the wine dispense industry with an emphasis on customization and support OEM production 

  • Preservation System
  • Wine Yard
  • Tech Support

Keeping your wine fresh and from oxidization, every unit we produced is utilizing Vinokeeper’s professional excellence, the temperature and dispense range can be either preset or manually changed depending on personal preference to make sure every client is perfect serve; and with elegant design and great looking, we provide a wide array of size, functions and design options to make sure it meets clients’ different requirement. 

To maximize client’s productivity and flexibility, our wine preservation products has easy operation and maintenance system, changing over a bottle is extremely quick and simple and spare parts is easy and convenient to replace. For those who require after-sale service, our products provide customer requirements at a great value as well.

With more than 20 years experience, it has understood like no other strength of the viticulture and has specialized in obtaining the best from each terroir to create unique wines and to represent “the richness of diversity.” It offers an innovative proposal and mainly defined by its high quality wine production with intentional style. With a wide portfolio, Century Chateau LiHua Winery exports to more than 37 countries worldwide and is widely known due to its unbeatable value for money equation. Its modern and attractive wines mark trends in the Chinese enology.

Century Chateau LiHua Winery is well defined by its ambition to produce outstanding wines which have been awarded with around 28 national patent and all products are intended to be an authentically profound expression of their terroir. Sophisticated, sensual and original, those are the wines from Century Chateau LiHua Winery. Today, becoming one of the pioneering establishments in the art of Chinese winemaking, Century Chateau LiHua Winery is one of the leading wineries with the longest tradition in China and with notoriously presence in the main markets worldwide.

LiHua, honorary chief engineer of Vinokeeper and PHD Professor & Doctoral Supervisor of Viticulture and Enology, Northwest A&F University, provides professional tech support and develops the best preservation methods to raise the quality and selection of wines. With his pursuit of wine serving excellence and love of fine wines, Vinokeeper’s pioneering technology has been granted 3 National Utility Model Patent and has acquired the national qualification. Distinctive details of dispenser fill the restaurant, cellar doors, hotel or bar with an aura of excitement, they are functional yet breathtaking.



  • 2nd Prize of Provincial or Ministerial Scientific and Technological Awards:     4 item 2006

  • “30 Leading Figures of Chinese Wine Industry During the 30 Years of   Reform and Opening-up” Honor, 2009

  • “Man of the Year (2011) of Chinese Wine Market” Honor, 2012

  • “Man of the Year (2012) of Wine Scientific Chinese”, 2013

  • 1st Prize of National Scientific and Technological Awards,2016